The town of Taiki is located in the south central part of Mie Prefecure in Japan. It is a small town with a population of 9,000. Its two main Industries are farming and fishing. With is mild climate, Taiki is blessed with beautiful scenery such as Nishiki fishing port, Miyakawa river, Ouchiyama river, the world heritage site “Tsuzurato Pass Trail”, and a wide variety of fresh, local produce.

Taiki Town Official Mascot : TAI chan / Ki-chan

TAI chan represents Nanaho beef as known as Matsusaka beef, and Ki-chan represents Holstein cows for Ouchiyama Milk.

  • Tsutsuji

    Yama Tsutsuji and Mochi Tsutsuji grow in wild in Taiki. The flowers bloom in April and May.

  • Mejiro

    Mejiro is a small green bird which has a white circle around its eyes. Mejiro loves nectars especially the one from the plum flower.

  • Ubamegashi
    (Ubamegashi Oak)

    Ubamegashi is often found in coastal area to mountains in the warm climate. It is knows as a material to make a binchotan charcoal.

  • Buri

    Buri from Nishiki area is also called “Sakura Buri” since the fishing season is in Spring when cherry blossoms bloom.

  • Nishiki Yellowtail

    The Kuroshio current and the ria coast of Nishiki area nurtures the best yellowtail. Nishiki port boasts the highest catch of yellowtail in the prefecture.

  • Nanahogyu

    Nanahogyu is sold as a well-known “Matsusaka Beef.”

  • Ouchiyama Dairy Products

    Not only Milk but also yogurt, ice cream are very popular

  • Ayu

    Ouchiyama river and Miyagawa-river is a mecca of Ayu fishing.

  • Shiitake Mushroom

    Old growth forest of Taiki keeps the perfect moisture to grow good quality shiitake mushrooms

  • Takihara imo
    (mountain yam)

    It contains rich vitamins and minerals. It only appears in a market in late October to November.

  • Seafood

    Fresh seafood and dried fish products from Nishiki district are very popular. “Japanese sea beam marinated in shio koji” has been especially well received.

  • Ise Green Tea

    Nanaho no Takara (treasure of Nanaho) Atataka Kazuna Green Tea is made by local elementary school kids.

Tsunami reaches the shore only few minutes after the earthquake. In order to prevent the loss of lives, these emergency evacuation towers and shelters have been built for the residents in a coast area and fish market workers.

  • Nishiki Tower

    Nishiki Tower5 stories reinforced concrete tower
    20.2 meters in height

  • Nishiki Tower 2

    Nishiki Tower 2Reinforced concrete tower / partially steel framed
    23.8 meters in height

  • Kamado Emergency Shelter

    Kamado Emergency ShelterBesides those towers, there are many emergency shelters in Nishiki area.