Nohara Park

There are more than 60 cherry blossom trees and a 60 meters long wistaria trellis in Nohara Park. The Annual Tosaku-san to Fuji Matsuri takes place on May 3rd. There is a playground for kids. Cherry blossom season is from late March to early April, wistaria blooms from late April to early May.


Address : Nohara, Taikicho, Wataraigun, Mie Prefecture

Takihara-no-miya /

Takihara-no-miya and Takihara-no-narabino-miya are subsidiary shrines of Ise Jingu Shrine. They both enshrine the goddess of the sun, Amaterasimasusumeookaminomitama. These two shrines are located next to each other.


Address : 872, Takihara, Taikicho, Wataraigun, Mie Prefecture


This ex-elementary school facility has natural “Aso” hot springs, “Asunaro Restaurant” using local ingredients, and a farmers market “Shiki-no-mise Shunsai”, and “Miyagawa-ryuiki-koryukan Taiki”, which provides information about one of the best rivers in Japan, Miyagawa River.


Address : 429 Aso, Taikicho, Wataraigun, Mie Prefecture
Business Hours: 10am – 9pm (Last admission at 8pm)
Closed on Wednesdays (if holiday, the next day will be closed)


This is a great cherry blossom sight located in the Taikikyo campsite lies downstream of Ouchiyama River. The cherry blossom trees are illuminated during the season, which is from late March to early April. In Summer time, many people camp here, you can see fireflies in June.


Omiya-Seishonen-Ryokomura (Taikikyo Campsite)
Open Period : Late April to September
Address : 2500 Takihara, Taikicho, Wataraigun
● Office hour is 8:30am to 5pm

Kasagi Valley

Kasagi Valley lies in the foot of Mt. Kasagi. There are two waterfalls, Otaki (Male Waterfall) is 40 meters high, and Metaki (Female Waterfall) is 35 meters high. Momiji-chaya, which is located along the river, offers café style food and drinks, BBQ areas, and pottery workshop.


Kasagi Vally Momiji-chaya
Address : 4339-2, Saki, Taikicho, Wataraigun
Business Hours: 10am – 5pm (Close at 4pm in December)
Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays (Winter time closure from Jan. to Mar.)

Ohira Tsutsuji Yama

The view of more than 10,000 wild azaleas on the side of Ohira Mt. is breathtaking. It has been designated as one of the best sights by prefectural government. Azalea season is from late April to early May. The annual Ohira Azalea Festival takes place in late April.


Address : Saki, Taikicho, Wataraigun

Weeping Cherry Blossom at Taiki town hall Kashiwazaki branch

This weeping cherry blossom tree is approximately 150 years old, and it’s has been designated as a natural monument of Taiki town. It is illuminated during the blooming season, which is from late March to early April.


Address : 260, Saki, Taikicho, Wataraigun

Kobenomiya-yomou Shrine

This is the only shrine in Japan that enshrines the god of head (intelligence).It has been worshiped by many for a long time. People from all over Japan come here to pray for the success in school, business, recovery from head injury and illness.


Address : 3314-2, Ouchiyama, Taiki, Wataraigun

Ouchiyama Zoo

Ouchiyama Zoo has wide variety of animals from fierce animals like lions and tigers to small animals like monkeys, rabbits, ducks, and birds. You can take pictures, pet and feed them. It attracts all ages and families.


Address : 530-4, Ouchiyama, Taiki, Wataraigun
Business Hours: 9am – 4pm

Nishiki Mukaigahama Yu-Park Tropical Garden

This is the only beach in Taiki. Palm trees and white sand gives tropical atmosphere. There are an ocean cottage, wooden play area, and a swimming pool. Tropical house has a shop that sells seafood products like dried fish, restaurant and walking pool.


Address : 17-6, Saki, Taiki, Wataraigun
Business Hours: Tropical House 10am – 8pm (Hours may vary seasonally)
Closed on Mondays (if holiday, the following day is closed)